Cat Pillow | easy handmade

Cat Pillow | easy handmade

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Today i would like to show how i made this cat pillow easily.


The cover
Materials and things needed:
– 3 kinds of fabrics: the cross stitch fabric, the natural color thin fabric and the soft pink color thick waterproof fabric
– a paper to make pattern
– a pencil
– a black marker
– scissors
– embroidery threads (blue, green, light green, baby pink, pink)
– an embroidery hoop
– an embroidery needle
– a sewing needle
– sewing threads (red, white)

How to make it:
Make the pattern of a cat’s head by using unused paper with the pencil, bold with the marker.

Cut it off.

Then draw the 2 ears by using the pattern, cut the cross stitch fabric off.

Cross stitch the 2 ears with pink and soft pink thread. Use 2 strains of thread.

Then draw and cut pink fabrics for the 2 ears.

Also draw and cut the fabrics to make the face. For the cross stitch fabric and natural fabric, as it it. For the pink fabric cut 2 pieces, with more than 1/2 part of it for each piece.

Then back stitch with 2 strains of soft pink thread for the nose and mouth.

The 2 eyes around with blue color, cross stitch inside with light green and green for the outside of it.

Last is the whiskers with dark grey, back stitch with 2 strains.

Then we need to sew the ears to head. Follow the pictures below, use the red thread as helper 1st.

Also sew back and front head with red thread.

After finished, use the white thread to sew the ears to the head and also all around the head and also ears. Then release the red thread and turn it around. The cover is finished.

The pillow

I measure and made the small pillow before i make this cat pillow cover. I made the small pillow using the paper pattern of the cat’s head. I use unused fabrics and put some cotton balls inside.

And this is how i make it:

I put the pillow inside the cover, and the cat’s pillow is done.