How to draw “Dumbo” easily

How to draw “Dumbo” easily

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From my childhood, i always love disney and the characters of course. But from the latest disney movie “dumbo” i get the idea to draw dumbo and i would like the easiest to do then share it with you all.

Materials & things needed:
– a 2B pencil
– an eraser
– a drawing paper
– color markers

How to do:
Start with the pencil, I begin from the nose and mouth then the whole face of dumbo.

Then i continue with the 2 big ears.

Also the body and a tail.

Then i also make a repairment of an ear and make it bigger.

I also make a cover of its’ head with D letter on it.

Write down the words you want to put here. And also give a border.

Draw some clouds also.

Don’t forget to use some color markers to bold it and make it more alive.

Happy drawing!