Earth Hour 2019 – how to easily draw

Earth Hour 2019 – how to easily draw

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Special for the event tomorrow, earth hour, i made this special drawing. Let’s join and switch off the lamps tomorrow.

– a piece of paper
– a pencil
– an eraser
– 12 colormarkers

How to draw:
By using pencil, first draw a circle on the left side of a piece of paper.

Then draw the island on it so it become like a world globe. My country is indonesia so i draw the indonesian area there.

Then draw a light bulb bigger than the globe. The position is outter the globe.

Continue with the hand and also the switching below the bulb.

Then i write down the letter i want there.

Bold with a black marker and erase the pencil drawing.

Color it with colormarkers & then it’s finished. I try to explore coloring it with some ways (zoom to see the detail).