How to stitch: Cute Easter Bunnies

How to stitch: Cute Easter Bunnies

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Today i’m going to share how i stitch these 2 cute bunnies.

Materials & things needed:
– embroidery threads (color: yellow, pink, white, light emerald green, blue, light pink, dark grey, black)
– embroidery needle
– embroidery hoop (10 cm diameter)
– scissors
– cross stitch fabrics

Note: This time i try to use double strains of thread for cross stitch, backstitch and french knot.

How to do:
First start from the right side, stitch the yellow bunny from outter side to the inner side.

After it is finished, stitch the flower with light pink and light emerald green for the leaves.
Then continue the bunny with white thread.

Bold the bunny with dark grey backstitch.

For the bunny eye, use black thread to make the french knot. I show how i do the french knot on the video below.

Finish the 1st bunny, go to stitch the 2nd bunny on its’ left side.

Use pink for the bunny, i start to stitch from the lowest part then go to the upper.

After finish complete it with white thread.

Then make the flower with yellow and blue thread, also light emerald green for the leaves.

Backstitch the pink bunny with dark grey for the border line.

Then make the bunny eye with black french knot.

How to make the french knot:

Now it’s finished.
You could make easter cards or present tags or decorations with these cute bunnies.
Happy stitching!