Easter Rabbit Hand Towel|easy handmade

Easter Rabbit Hand Towel|easy handmade

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How to make this easter rabbit handtowel is using 2 steps,
The 1st one is cross stitch the rabbit and the 2nd one is sew it with the hand towel.

Materials and things needed:
– Embroidery threads
– Embroidery needle
– Embroidery hoop
– Cross stitch fabrics
– Small hand towel
– Sew needle
– Sewing thread
– Red ribbon
– Fabrics
– Scissors

How to do:

Remember to do the cross stitch with 2 strands of embroidery thread.
First in stitching the rabbit and the easter egg, from the rabbit ears and the egg.
Brown and cream color for the rabbit.


Then for the egg, use several colors light pink, pink, ivory, light purple, purple. To make it easier, stirch from one side to another closest side.

Then yellow and light yellow for the flower, green and light green for the grass.

Back stitch for the border line with the black color, only use single strand of embroidery thread for this.

Finish the cross stitch.

Now begin with the sewing, first cut the fabrics so it become 2 equal triangles.

Sew one of the triangle to the cross stitch fabrics then sew the ribbon inside.

Use the helper of red sewing thread.

Sew with white thread  (left and right) and release the red thread on these 2 sides.

Turn it around

Sew with the hand towel and release the red thread.

Then it’s done and ready to use..