My First MRT(Mono Rail Train) Trial Ride

My First MRT(Mono Rail Train) Trial Ride

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This afternoon, I went with some of my friends to try the first MRT (Mono Rail Train) in Indonesia. Actually we were trying to book any tickets to try this MRT trial for free before, but we didn’t get the tickets. So because the MRT station is located in front of our office, we tried to try the MRT together today. Anyway, the MRT will officially launched on March 25th, and the government opened the trial for free on March 12th until March 23rd.

First when we came to the Blok M station, we had to fullfill a form which used to get the sticker, which had the function like the ticket.
We only need to fill a form to get maximum 5 stickers, i went there with 6 friends so we needed to fill 2 forms.
Here was the desk to register this free trial.

And this was the sticker, each person got a sticker there.

The situation there.

The gates were opened because we still didn’t need any ticket or train card to get in.

We had to wait for the MRT here.


After queued up then waiting for around 10 minutes, the train came. We went to the lebak bulus station which was the last station. As we wanted to try the longest route that was provided that time.

The situation in the MRT

It took only around 25 minutes to go to lebak bulus MRT station, which we could say was very fast because of the traffic condition in Jakarta which is always crowded. The journey was smooth and fast. But on this first MRT we couldn’t get any seats.

The MRT was passing the underground to another stations.

And it also was passing the upperground line.

After we arrived to lebak bulus station, we needed to change the train to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia station which would also stopped in the station where we had come from. We also needed to wait for several times for the train to come.
We waited for the train here–s_00

Luckily, this time the train was not too crowded. So we could get the seats and some of us took a wefie there.

The train was also passing through underground and upperground again this time.

The upperground from a seat (finally i could sit)

It was so much fun to try the Jakarta MRT for the first time with some friends. For the information, today and tomorrow it won’t need any book before the date to try the MRT. And we could enjoy the free ride until March 31st, 2019.