How to stitch a cute owl

How to stitch a cute owl

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This time i would like to share the easiest way to make this cross stitch.

Things and materials needed:
– embroidery hoop
– embroidery needle
– embroidery thread
Color: brown, baby blue, medium blue, green, light green, emerald light green, orange, peach, yellow and white
– scissors
– aida / cross stitch fabrics

Remember to do the cross stitch with 2 strains of thread and back stitch with 1 strain of thread.

How to do:
The first one we have to do is make sure that the embroidery hoop fixed the fabrics properly, also make sure that it’s not too near with the edge. Then stitch the light green part on its’ head.

Stitch yes circles with baby blue and light green thread

Then continue with the yellow for the beak, and light green for the feather. Use blue color to stitch the ear and also the body. I tried to stitch the left part first.

Remember to stitch the edge before fill in it with stitches.

How to stitch the body:

After the left side, start to stitch the right side of body by using the same technique. From the edge to the inner part.

Use orange and peach for the wings. Inside of the eyes, stitch with brown and then white color.

Use the baby blue color to complete the light green body feather.

Then stitch the 2 feet.

Stitch the branch with brown color.

Then the leaves, like usually start from edge to the inner. Use 2 kind of green: green and light green.

Last touch, using the emerald light green for the leaves’ fingers. Use only the backstitch by a strain of thread.


How to do it step by step:

It’s finished.