Hot air balloon greeting card | cross stitch & craft

Hot air balloon greeting card | cross stitch & craft

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Made from stitching and crafting|handmade & partly reused material

I often make cross stitch and i also make craft from paper. So this time i would like to combine my 2 favorite things together, to make this greeting card.

Materials and things needed:
For the cross stitch,
– an embroidery hoop
– an embroidery needle
– blue stitch fabrics
– scissors
– many color of embroidery thread

For the craft:
– many color cardboard and paper from flyer/brochure
– glue (stick glue and also liquid)
– scissors
– brown color thread
– double sided tape
– tape
– pencil
– marker

How to make this:
For the cross stitch, start with the blue color thread, then the dog with 3 colors dark grey, light grey and white.

After the dog finished, then stitch the cat by using light orange and brown color thread.

Then start to stitch the bottom part.

After finish the stitching, bold with the dark grey for the dog, cat with brown and all others with black.

Then for the craft, start with measuring the size of the stitching with the cardboard. Then cut it to make a square to put the stitch behind it. Paste there with the tape.

Then i’ll try to close the back part of the card with a pattern cardboard, use the double sided tape. I also use the 3 colors of different color cardboard to close the back of the stitch and the cardboard.


Then i have to use other unused paper to make the hot balloon. To make it easier, cut to pieces then give numbers on it.

Draw the pattern of the hot balloon pieces on other color of brochure. No need to use the cardboard for this time. And remember to write numbers on the back side of the pieces.

Cut it all down and then paste on the blue cardboard. Also paste the brown thread with tape.

Cut some alphabets from the brochure or flyer, to make the word best wishes. Actually it depends on what kind of greeting card do you want to make. And draw 2 clouds on a piece of white paper, cut and paste.

Now write the wishes inside, like mine. Or any greetings you want to write.