Bunny Multi Functional Organizer|Handmade easy how to|Easter decor idea

Bunny Multi Functional Organizer|Handmade easy how to|Easter decor idea

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Easter is near, and inspired by the bunny I made this organizer by using reused materials.

Ssshhh… Actually this idea also appeared on my mind because i always can’t find my things when i do crafting. So if you also like me, can’t find things easily in a messy place, you could also try to make this cute organizer.

Materials & things needed:
– tissue roll (medium size)
– double sided tape
– glue (UHU)
– unused brochure (cardboard, medium thickness, color: brown, baby blue, white, blush pink, pink, black)
– scissors
– a pencil
– a pen

How to make it:
By using the tissue roll, draw and measure the brown color cardboard.

Then cut it bigger than its’ size. Cut small triangles from each of the trapezoids around.

Paste it on the bottom of the tissue roll.

Then prepare for the bunny head, measure the white cardboard, mine has 5 cm height. Cut it out.

Prepare for bunny’s ears. Make 2 from white cardboard and smaller using blush pink cardboard, the form is like on the picture below.

Paste the ears by using the glue and also the white cardboard using double sided tape. Don’t paste it wrong, put them on the upper side of the tissue roll.

Prepare the bunny’s clothes with baby blue cardboard. Measure, cut it out and paste on the tissue roll by using double sided tape, right below the head.

Prepare the bow, cut and paste pink oval shape cardboard on the top of the blush pink, draw with pencil heart shape on each side (left and right). Cut and paste on the top of the blue clothes.

Prepare the 2 eyes using black cardboard, cut and paste on the white cardboard.

Draw a nose using blush pink cardboard and also the mouth by using pink cardboard. The mouth’s form is like a number ‘3’. Cut it out and paste on the white head.

Last, draw the white cardboard for the 2 feet and also the pink cardboard like the picture below, cut then paste.

Finished, cute bunny organizer ready to put anything on your desk. No mess up again with this organizer.