Dutchlady Key Chain|Handmade sewing how to

Dutchlady Key Chain|Handmade sewing how to

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I would like to share how i made this cute keychain.

Materials and things needed:
– a dutchlady cross stitch which I made
– a key chain
– red fabric ribbon
– fabrics
– scissors
– needle thread
– sewing thread ( white and red)

First, we have to sew the chain to the cross stitch by using the red ribbon.

Then measure the fabrics to be put under the cross stitch and also for the back cover. Use 2 pieces of smaller fabrics for the back cover. Sew also the line of the back cover.Sew it around, with the red thread as the helper. Then sew with white thread.


Release the red thread sewing.

Then turn it around.

Put some cotton balls inside (optional)

Voila, it’s finished. I’ve made it for 2 hours long, you should try it too. You could use your own creation of cross stitch. Happy crafting!