Watermelon Mini Notebook|100% reused materials

Watermelon Mini Notebook|100% reused materials

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Materials and things needed:
– some unused cardboard from brochure or flyer (red, green and black color) and also another one (i pick blue color)
– some unused white paper (you could use papers which have 1 side white and the others are used)
– scissors
– a pencil
– an eraser
– a blue marker
– a glue stick

How to do:
Cut a piece of blue cardboard as the helper. Cut around 12 cm × 6 cm.

Fold into two equal parts then draw and cut until it made a half round.

Then use it as a helper pattern, then draw the red cardboard and cut it. For a side, make the red cardboard a big longer in the middle.

Draw and cut the white papers with a round shape using the helper pattern. To make it easier, fold the paper first.  Make about 15 round white papers and stick them together with the glue stick.

To make the cover, cut green cardboards to make the skin of the  watermelon. Measure it, draw then cut. Make 3 pieces for each side.

Paste it on red cardboards.

Then draw a helper pattern of air drop for the seeds. Then cut and paste.

After finished the cover, paste with the white papers.

Then it’s finished.