Hello March | easy doodle drawing how to

Hello March | easy doodle drawing how to

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Welcoming the new month with a smile and inspired by my breakfast habit I have an idea to create this “hello march” breakfast doodle. Inviting you all to continue the good breakfast habit

Materials & things needed:
– a piece of paper (A4 size,70gr)
– a pencil
– an eraser
– a black marker
optional: some highlighters

How to do:
I start to draw from the left bottom side.
Start with drawing loaf bread and the milk box.

After finished , draw some fruits pinapple, apple, strawberry, and banana.

Then move to the upper of the loaf bread, draw noodle in a bowl.

Then go up to steamed bun, a cup of tea, a teacup,

a donut, a side up egg, a croissant, a jar of jam, and last a glass of orange juice.

How i draw the orange juice:


Continue upper of the banana, draw muffin, bread, fried chicken and sandwich.

Then followed with dim sum, porridge, a dumpling, a coffee cup, an egg and an orange.

The last is the top side, draw pancake, a bottle of milk, a waffle, a cupcake and a carrot.

Write hello march on the center of the page, then bold all with a marker.

Erase the unused pencil drawing.

Finished, you could also color it with some highlighters if u want.