My Name in Zentangle | doodle drawing easy how to

My Name in Zentangle | doodle drawing easy how to

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Materials & things needed:
– a piece of white paper (70gr)
– a pencil
– a ruler
– an eraser
– a black marker

How to do:
First, using a pencil draw 4 lines which measured 4 cm from each sides of paper.

Then divide the box into 2 equal rectangles then divide these into 4 triangles. After that draw 2 wavy lines like in the picture below.

Using the marker, make the zentangle patterns.
The 1st pattern

How to

The 2nd pattern

Makes my name using pencil then bold it.

The 3rd pattern is as simple as drawing the bubbles then draw wavy horizontal lines.

The 4th pattern

how to do

The 5th pattern is only draw many leaves.

The 6th pattern is drawing unsame size boxes then draw the lines.

How to do

The 7th pattern is like spiral and snail.

How to do it

The last pattern is easy only draw 4 short horizontal and 4 short vertical lines like the picture.

After finish, erase the unwanted pencil drawings then it is done.