Mini Panda Pocket Tissue Holder | easy how to | 100% handsewing and stitching

Mini Panda Pocket Tissue Holder | easy how to | 100% handsewing and stitching

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Materials and things needed:
– an embroidery hoop
– an embroidery needle
– embroidery threads (color: black, dark grey, white, yellow and baby blue)
– aida fabric
– cotton fabric
– a scissors
– a pencil
– a ruler
– a sewing needle
– sewing thread (color: white, red)

How to do:
Make the panda cross stitch first, cross stitch will use 2 strands of the embroidery thread.

Start with the grey color for the half down part of panda there.

Then also the black color.

The last one is complete with the white color.

Then make the mouth using black color embroidery thread with only a strand of the thread.


After finish with the down part, start to stich the upper part of panda head. On another aida fabric.
Start with the nose, with black color.

The black also around the eyes.

Then the grey color around eyes and black for the ears.

To make it easier with the panda’s head, using white color of embroidery thread stitch around it first.

Then stitch for the whole head inside.

Finished the head, stitch the eyes with blue thread.

Then with yellow color embroidery thread around the blue color.

The panda cross stitch finished.

Now, it’s time to do the handsewing.


Measure the aida fabric to match with the tissue size that you want.


Handsew it to the fabric, use red thread to help.

Do also for the down side.

Sew all with white thread and also release the red thread.

Sew another fabric for the back of the tissue pocket holder. Help first on the left and right using red thread.

Sew around with red thread.

Sew around with the white thread.


Release the red thread.

And also cut the excessive fabric around it.

Turn it around, inside to upside.

It’s finished, mini cute adorable panda tissue pocket holder is ready to use.