Mickey & Minnie | Pencil Sketch How to

Mickey & Minnie | Pencil Sketch How to

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I always adore mickey and minnie. I have been adoring them since my childhood time.
Today I would like to bring them again into a sketch picture of mine.

Materials / Things needed:

– a piece of white paper (70 gr)
– a 2B pencil, I am using faber castell 2B pencil here
– an eraser


1. Draw minnie’s bow, right side.


2. Then complete the bow, draw the 2 ears and the head also.


3. Complete the head and draw the nose.


4. Draw minnie’s mouth.


5. Draw the eyes.



6. Draw mickey’s hand under minnies’s head.


7. Start mickey’s head from down part and also the mouth.


8. Draw mickey’s 2 ears and complete the face.


9. Draw minnie’s hand.


10. Draw minnie’s skirt and another mickey’s hand.


11. Draw minnie’s feet and one of mickey’s foot. Also mickey’s body.


12. Complete the pictures: draw another mickey’s foot, tail and give polkadot pattern for the skirt.

I also write a mickey’s quote on the top of my picture.
Hope you all can enjoy my drawing.