Blue Garden | My First Doodle Art How to

Blue Garden | My First Doodle Art How to

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Didn’t have any idea today, but my hand kept moving to draw something. Finally, I decided to make my first doodle art, Blue Garden Doodle Art. I tried to use my blue gel ink pen instead of my black marker this time.


Material or Things needed:
• A piece of white paper (70 gr)
• A pencil
• An eraser
• A blue ink gel pen, but i suggest you to use marker. It would be easier to use and more convenience

First, I tried to draw a flower using pencil.

Then started drawing the pattern that i like, i followed my instinct to do. I started to make big pattern first, then go to the details.


Then after finished the flower, I bolded it with the blue pen.

Draw the stem and also the leaves, bold it all and give patterns. Then i continued to draw all the pictures i want to make with the pencil.

Hint: What I learned from my first drawing was to make it easier for us to make the whole doodle art, we must draw the whole big picture first wth the pencil then bold with the pen, and the last step is to make the patterns with pen.

After the whole picture finished,I bold it all with the blue pen. Draw the pattern in the tree’s branch.

The last one, give much patterns to each object. Then it’s finished.

How to make the pattern:

Interested to try? You can share your experience with me.