Mini Aquarium Box | Handmade decoration how to

Mini Aquarium Box | Handmade decoration how to

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Found a transparant unused box, i had an idea to decorate it and make it reuseable using unused brochures.

I also decorated the back side

Materials & equipment:
– a transparant small box (mine size is: )
– many colored unused brochure
– glue
– ballpoint
– pencil
– eraser
– ruler
– double sided tape
– scissors
– black marker

How to make it:
Measure the box

Measure the wanted size for cardboard to cover the box.
I used blue and blue green color for the background.
Don’t forget to draw and cut the brochure for the waves (blue green color)

Draw the fish, use different color and pattern of brochure. Prepare also for the mouth and fin.

Cut and paste together. Also cut a little piece of black color brochure for the eye, then paste.

Draw a seahorse, use 2 different gradation color. Then cut and paste. Don’t forget to draw the eye using black marker. Tips: i’m drawing from the back side of the paper.

Paste for the upper front section.

Don’t forget to paste up and down part with blue green color.

Then start for the down front section. Draw a small cuttlefish. Made from 2 different paper color.

Cut and paste the cuttlefish and small waves.

After finished, decorate the back.
Draw some fish, another sea creatures, i chose the crab and a octopus and also draw seaweed. Cut and paste.
The octopus I made

Draw, cut and paste blue colour brochure for the wave. Paste all to the back.

And it’s finished. I think i could use it to put my sunglasses :).

Maybe you could also try this also, it’s fun and also environment friendly.