Noah’s Ark | easy drawing how to

Noah’s Ark | easy drawing how to

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Today i remembered about my favorite story when i was a child, it was noah’s ark. I remembered many animals inside the ark, and got the inspiration to draw it, in cartoon of course.

– A piece of white paper
– A 2B pencil
– An eraser
– A black marker

How to do:
First, i began with the animals on the bottom of the ark..
I started drawing the head of the lion

Then to a bear, a cat and a horse.

How to draw bear’s head:

Drawing the ark and sea wave, and the ducks below.

How to draw the duck:

Middle of the ark, i was drawing the dog, elephant, donkey, pig, cow and also a frog. From the left to right.

And then i was drawing the roof of the ark.

Top of the ark, i was drawing the beaver, cat, 2 birds, 2 ducks, the monkey. I started with the monkey, then 2 ducks, a beaver, a cat and 2 birds.


How i draw the bird:

And at the roof top, a snail, a giraffe then the hippo.

Last touch: flying butterflies and a fish.

How to draw fish:

Complete also with the cloud, sun and sea waves.

After finished, i bolded it all with my black marker and i erased my pencil drawing.

Hope you could also try to draw and then teach your children how to draw it.