My Food Journey: The Food Legend

My Food Journey: The Food Legend

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Hello Friends, this time I would like to share my experience. Yesterday i tried to eat some small dishes in this food festival.

The food festival held in the shopping center near my office, Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta.

Actually the food festival was not big and only had around 20 -25 food stalls.

The food festival title was food legend. It was held from January 30th until February 17th, 2019. So it is still held now.

The Food Stalls

Many stalls which sells all kind of food such as meatballs, bakpao, toge goreng (fried beansprouts), indomie extra pedas (extra hot instant noodle), sosis bakar (roast sausage), soto mie (indonesian noodle soto), tahu gejrot (cirebonese gejrot tofu) and many more.

Located in a shopping center’s hall, there were not many chairs and tables provided there. But all was clean and neat.

What we bought

BAKSO (Meatballs)

The taste was yummy and tasty, I love the meatballs.

TOGE GORENG (Fried Beansprouts)

The taste was delicious. Mom ate these, the popular Jakarta food.

ASINAN BUAH (Fruits with spicy, sour and sweet soup)

The spicy and sour were dominated this dessert.

ES CAMPUR (Mixed Ice)

Inside of the slushed ice:

The taste was not too sweet with many ingredients inside. Perfect dessert.

My Experience

I think all the food here were delicious and not bad, although the portions were small. Positively I could try many kind of food here. There’s also a promotion using a kind of digital money, 30% cashback.

If you were in Jakarta now, I invite you to try the food here. Bon appetite!