Fabric Book Cover | Easy handmade sewing how to

Fabric Book Cover | Easy handmade sewing how to

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I would like to share how i make my cross stitch into useful thing in daily life, such as this cute fabric book cover.

The materials and equipments needed:

The cross stitch fabrics with a picture on it, fabric, sewing thread (white, red), sewing needle, embroidery hoop, black embroidery thread, pencil, ruler.

First, i measured the fabrics needed.

I would like to make the back cover first.

I sew the smaller size fabric on the middle of the bigger one. But i also calculated it correctly by measuring it to the real book. I sew first using red thread as a helper.

Release the helper

I draw the mickey’s head for the back.

Then do the embroidery, to fulfill use 4 strains of black thread. Do the outline first.

After finish, do the handsewing on a side




Ps: Don’t forget to release the helper sewing ( i use my red thread for this)

Done for the back cover

Then start with the front cover. It made me a bit confused while i’m trying to make it.

First, prepare the picture on the cross stitch fabric, sew to the fabric with the red thread.

I used my red thread to make it easier, measure correctly your book.

Try it on

After that sew with the white thread and release the red thread

Last thing is release the red thread.

I share on how i sew it all easily here:

Look how cute when it is done!