New Restaurant Near My Office

New Restaurant Near My Office

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There are many restaurants in Jakarta that sell Japanese udon, but last Friday i saw there was a newly opened restaurant that sells udon.

The restaurant’s name is Hanamaru Udon and it is located in Block M Plaza. A plaza in Melawai Street, South Jakarta. It is opened daily from 10 a.m until 10 p.m.

The restaurant is cosy and comfy, also have a small outdoor area.

The menu is hanged on the wall.

The tempura you could choose and also japanese ocha that offers free flow.

I like to eat Japanese udon and I have eaten it million times, but the one that sold here is bukkake udon. I was curious to know what it is.

Bukkake Udon is cold udon served with thick dashi-broth.

When i ate it, i mixed up the egg there and it was tasty. The taste of the noodle is thick but it’s not hard to swallow, chunkie and delicious. The meat was also taste nice, with the savoury and also a bit sweet taste.

We could also take some extra fried, chilli, chilli pepper and also leek.

I really like bukkake udon here. I think i would prefer it than udon.