What I did on Jan 12, 2019

What I did on Jan 12, 2019

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Yesterday, I woke up at 5 am. Although it was Saturday I need to wake up earlier because I joined on a competition. The competition that I joined was funwalk. Actually it was only one of the competitions that held by the company where I am working. There are any other sport competitions such as 3 on 3 basketball, pingpong, badminton, and football. But i would like to share about the competition that i took part in.


All of the employees in my company were divided into 6 groups. So each group had many members. In this competition, the independent judges will look for our creativites, originalities, solidarity and also the members of each group, which means the total number of member of the group when it starts must same with the total number of it when it finished. The company also had told us to wear a theme color for each group. What we had prepared on Friday’s afternoon.


We also had bought scarfs to be put on our heads and also each member had to put on sunglasses when doing the funwalk.

Some photos in the morning.

A video of our group when we were doing the funwalk. We were the green team.  

Waiting for the result was a long time to do because it would be told after all the sport competitions finished. I went home a while to take a shower and change clothes.

Then I arrived back around 2pm but there were some competitions which had not been finished. So I spent the time by watching the band, eating and I also sang a song there.


And then around 4.30 pm, all the competitions were finished and the result was on the MC. As the result we won the funwalk competition as the 1st winner. I was the one who represented my group to accept the prize.

Although it was a tiring day but i also had much fun yesterday.