Cute Mickey Minnie Couple Bag’s Chain |100% cross stitch & handsewing

Cute Mickey Minnie Couple Bag’s Chain |100% cross stitch & handsewing

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I would like to share you all how to make these cute adorable mini bag chains.


Cross stitch needle, black and red embroidery thread, cross stitch fabric (white), cotton fabric, sew needle, white and red sewing thread, embroidery hoop, red ribbon, scissors.

First, cross stitch the head of mickey minnie using the cross stitch. All using easy and basic cross stitch.

Then after finished the cross stitch cut it out from the cross stitch fabric. Also cut the fabric, 2 for each bag chain.

Cut a fabric into 2 sheets of equal size (for the back). And sew one of its’ each sheet with red thread as a help.

 then sew with white thread in it’s middle.

Cut the ribbon (for mickey i used 12 cm, for minnie i used 20 cm long).


Sew the fabrics and also it’s cross stich there.

Then also put the ribbon. Becareful in putting it (to make it right follow the pictures).

Sew with white thread around it all.

Release the helper.

Cut the excessive fabric around.

Turn it out.

Fill with cotton balls inside it.

Done, super cute couple mickey minnie bag chain.

Enjoy making it!