March 22, 2019

My First MRT(Mono Rail Train) Trial Ride

This afternoon, I went with some of my friends to try the first MRT (Mono Rail Train) in Indonesia. Actually we were trying to book any tickets to try this MRT trial for free before, but we didn't get the tickets. So because the MRT station is located in front...

March 22, 2019

My First MRT(Mono Rail Train) Trial Ride

This afternoon, I went with some of my friends to try the first MRT (Mono Rail Train) in Indonesia. Actually we were trying to book any tickets to try this MRT trial for free before, but we didn't get the tickets. So because the MRT station is located in front of our office, we tried to try the MRT together today. Anyway, the MRT will officially launched on March 25th, and the government opened the trial for free on March 12th until March 23rd. First when we came to the Blok M station, we had to fullfill a form which...

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March 18, 2019

How to stitch a cute owl

This time i would like to share the easiest way to make this cross stitch. Things and materials needed: - embroidery hoop - embroidery needle - embroidery thread Color: brown, baby blue, medium blue, green, light green, emerald light green, orange, peach, yellow and white - scissors - aida / cross stitch fabrics Remember to do the cross stitch with 2 strains of thread and back stitch with 1 strain of thread. How to do: The first one we have to do is make sure that the embroidery hoop fixed the fabrics properly, also make sure that it's not too...

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March 15, 2019

How to draw mickey easily?

Hello friends, this time i would like to share how i made this mickey drawing, we only need a piece of paper, a 2B pencil, an eraser and a black marker. First, I would like to start from the head and the 2 ears. After finishing the head, draw the 2 hands and also the body. The last part is the 2 legs and feet, don't forget to draw the tail. After finish with the pencil, I also give some shading there. Then bold it with the black marker. Last touch, coloring all which should be color black. Like mickey...

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March 14, 2019

Eating Madurese Food

Last night, I wanna try to eat in a food stall which sells Madurese dishes. If any of you haven’t heard about Madura before, I would like to tell a bit about this place. Madura is a small island located in northeastern of Java Island and it’s included in East Java Province Area, Indonesia. Madura is famous with karapan sapi, which is a kind of traditional bull racing and like other Indonesian areas, this place also has authentic dishes like madura satay, soto, duck, and any other dishes, which also famous for the chilli paste or sauce. I spent my...

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March 12, 2019

Hot air balloon greeting card | cross stitch & craft

Made from stitching and crafting|handmade & partly reused material I often make cross stitch and i also make craft from paper. So this time i would like to combine my 2 favorite things together, to make this greeting card. Materials and things needed: For the cross stitch, - an embroidery hoop - an embroidery needle - blue stitch fabrics - scissors - many color of embroidery thread For the craft: - many color cardboard and paper from flyer/brochure - glue (stick glue and also liquid) - scissors - brown color thread - double sided tape - tape - pencil -...

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March 10, 2019

Bunny Multi Functional Organizer|Handmade easy how to|Easter decor idea

Easter is near, and inspired by the bunny I made this organizer by using reused materials. Ssshhh... Actually this idea also appeared on my mind because i always can't find my things when i do crafting. So if you also like me, can't find things easily in a messy place, you could also try to make this cute organizer. Materials & things needed: - tissue roll (medium size) - double sided tape - glue (UHU) - unused brochure (cardboard, medium thickness, color: brown, baby blue, white, blush pink, pink, black) - scissors - a pencil - a pen How to...

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March 7, 2019

Mini Pillow Gift Box|easy how to| mainly using reused material

Do you have any unused tissue rolls? Do you know that you can make it into this cute useful thing? I'll show you the easiest way how to make it.. Material and things needed: - a tissue roll - a bit of gift paper - a scissors - a cutter - double sided tape How to do: First, press then cut each side of the tissue roll into similar curves. Then make the same curve patterns with the cutter, pay attention only to give the sign to the tissue roll and don't press the cutter too much because it can...

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March 5, 2019

Dutchlady Key Chain|Handmade sewing how to

I would like to share how i made this cute keychain. Materials and things needed: - a dutchlady cross stitch which I made - a key chain - red fabric ribbon - fabrics - scissors - needle thread - sewing thread ( white and red) First, we have to sew the chain to the cross stitch by using the red ribbon. Then measure the fabrics to be put under the cross stitch and also for the back cover. Use 2 pieces of smaller fabrics for the back cover. Sew also the line of the back cover.Sew it around, with the...

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March 3, 2019

Watermelon Mini Notebook|100% reused materials

  Materials and things needed: - some unused cardboard from brochure or flyer (red, green and black color) and also another one (i pick blue color) - some unused white paper (you could use papers which have 1 side white and the others are used) - scissors - a pencil - an eraser - a blue marker - a glue stick How to do: Cut a piece of blue cardboard as the helper. Cut around 12 cm × 6 cm. Fold into two equal parts then draw and cut until it made a half round. Then use it as a...

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March 1, 2019

Hello March | easy doodle drawing how to

Welcoming the new month with a smile and inspired by my breakfast habit I have an idea to create this "hello march" breakfast doodle. Inviting you all to continue the good breakfast habit Materials & things needed: - a piece of paper (A4 size,70gr) - a pencil - an eraser - a black marker optional: some highlighters How to do: I start to draw from the left bottom side. Start with drawing loaf bread and the milk box. After finished , draw some fruits pinapple, apple, strawberry, and banana. Then move to the upper of the loaf bread, draw noodle...

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